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Clients with reduced mobility

The HF Hotéis Fénix have their own infrastructures and a set of additional support in order to serve all mobility needs.

In addition to the lifts that provide access to the rooms equipped for disabled people, we also provide support as follows:

In Lisbon:

HF Fénix Lisboa
- The access to the restaurant, the meeting rooms and the adapted toilet can be made through the lift or an access ramp.
- Access to the bar through a ramp.

HF Fénix Garden

- Access to the restaurant and adapted toilet through a lift platform.

HF Fénix Music
- Access to the hotel through a ramp

In Oporto:

HF Ipanema Park
- Access to the hotel through a ramp
- The access to the pool in the 15th floor is made through an appropriate vehicle.

HF Ipanema Porto
- The access to the restaurant and/or bar is made through an appropriate vehicle.

HF Tuela Porto
- Access to the hotel through a lift platform.

Other not mentioned accesses, namely to the bedrooms, restaurants and rooms in the HF Fénix Urban, and to the bedrooms and restaurant in the HF Fénix Porto are made through the lifts.
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