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A new buffet where every flavour is just perfect!

Lunch buffets with flavours to suit every taste.


Enjoy our new offer and try an explosion of flavour in the restaurants of the HF Ipanema Porto **** and HF Ipanema Park ***** hotels.

Join us from Monday to Saturday, between 12.30 pm and 3.00 pm, and delight yourself with our thematic flavours, one for each day of the week. Enjoy your meal!

The buffet includes:

- Salads and starters
- Soup
- 2 hot dishes
- Dessert




Monday - Flavours of the Grill
Low in calories, healthy and offering many benefits, grilled food is a good choice to consider for your Monday's lunch, after a weekend of meals among friends and family, where your diet was set aside. This proposition offers you delicious dishes with a variety of salads and vegetables that will help you find the necessary balance to get your week off to a good start.

Tuesday - Flavours of the World
Today, we travel! Our buffet features flavours from different countries. We have chosen the most emblematic dishes while respecting the typical and delicious recipes of other cultures. Enjoy different fragrances, textures and flavours in just one meal. We are waiting for you for our next trip...

Wednesday - Flavours of the Oven
Roasted foods release the flavours and whet your appetite even before they get to the table. Slowly cooked, it is in the oven that some fishes, meats and vegetables bring out their flavour and become delicious. Recommended for a lunch with clients or for a break in a long day of work...

Thursday - Flavours from our Regions
We couldn't forget our traditions, products and flavours. Therefore, we suggest dishes filled with the flavours of our regions and traditions. On this day, get swept away in the richness of the traditional flavours of Portugal.

Friday - Flavours of the Sea
The vastness of our sea provides us with the raw ingredients that our Chef and his team prepare. These are simple and delicious dishes – from crustaceans and bivalve molluscs to small and noble fishes, offering you popular and tasty recipes.

Saturday - Ancient Flavours
For a lunch with your family or old friends, there is nothing better than remembering the flavours of our childhood – those delicious dishes that our grand-mothers know how to prepare and whose origins have been lost over time, but which we need to remember and preserve. Food prepared in a pot, typical desserts from small villages, the flavours of our childhood prepared with tons of love.

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