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The summer flavours are here!

Lunch buffets with summer flavours


Enjoy our new offer and taste an explosion of summer flavours at the HF Ipanema Porto **** and HF Ipanema Park ***** restaurants.

Join us, from Mondays to Saturdays, between 12.30 pm to 3.00 pm, to delight yourself with the best flavours that summer can offer us. Enjoy your meal!

- Starters station: Salads, mini sandwiches, rolls, cold soup
- Main courses station: Pizza, meat/fish, pasta/scrambled eggs
- Desserts station: Fruit, yoghurt, jelly, cake, ice cream
- Drinks station: Refreshments and teas




Products 100% made in Portugal

Some interesting facts about the brands and the traditional products that you can find

Riberalves codfish
Did you know that the Portuguese market represents 30-35% of all fishing worldwide and is worth 60-70 thousand tons per year? Riberalves, a Portuguese company dedicated to the processing of this fish, represents 20 thousand tons, positioning as a leading company in the import, processing and commerce of codfish.
Barrosã meat
Barrosã meat comes from bovines of the Barrosã breed, a Portuguese native breed and an emblematic reference of the Portuguese bovine sector. When enjoying the excellence of this meat, you are contributing to the preservation of a Portuguese heritage and to the success of the extensive mountain breeding. At the same time, you can enjoy a product of the highest organoleptic and nutritional qualities.
Comur cannery
Despite the diversity of products, it was thanks to the eels in escabeche sauce that this Portuguese company was been able to grow at a national and international level, having been able to obtain the blue ecolabel from the Marine Stewardship Council, a certification that ensures the exclusive use of products from an environmentally sustainable fishery.
Dom Fumeiro sausages
An enviable heritage of the Barrosã culture, this is an ancient gastronomic tradition that came to our days in its most loyal and genuine interpretation of the tradition. Delight yourself and relive the flavours of memory that the Dom Fumeiro's products offer you, in an unforgettable experience of refined flavours and aromas.



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