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Hit the road and discover more of Portugal!

Discover Portugal in the comfort and class of our
Mercedes-Benz and Smart vehicles!

We organise everything for you!

Auto Bemguiados, in partnership with the HF hotels, offer you a selection of Mercedes-Benz and Smart vehicles that provide you comfort, quality and distinction in your trips.

It's a simple and quick process: collect and return the vehicle in front of one of the HF hotels, we will take care of the rest!


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This offer is only available for reservations made in the HF Hotéis Fénix


Trip suggestions

Approximate duration of the trip: 3h30 ( Lisbon <> Oporto)
Distance: 314km
Estimated costs of the trip: 60 Euros (including fuel and tolls)


Recommended visits:

Lisbon is the Portuguese capital, as well as the largest and most important city in the country.

Distance from Oporto: 314km, 3h30m
Globally known by the apparitions of Virgin Mary to the three shepherds. 

Distance from Oporto: 197km, 2h12m | Distance from Lisbon: 128km, 1h30m
Largest city of the centre of Portugal and historically famous for its university.

Distance from Oporto: 125km, 1h30m | Distance from Lisbon: 210km, 2h25m
Known as the "Portuguese Venice", it is an important urban, port, railway, university and tourist centre.
Distance from Oporto: 74km, 0h54m | Distance from Lisbon: 256km, 3h00m
The Invicta  originated the name of the country since 200 BC, when it was called Portus Cale.
Distance from Lisbon: 314km, 3h30m

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(+351) 226 194 100 Oporto

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