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History of the company

The Imorey Group is composed of a set of companies based in Portugal and acting in two distinct áreas.

Hotel business
Expotel, Lda

Real estate
Imorey, Lda
RO, Lda
Imoandorra, Lda
Brasilurban, SA

The HF Hotéis Fénix Group owns 8 hotels in Portugal, 4 of which located in Lisbon and 4 in Oporto, with a total of 1320 rooms.

The HF group started its business experience in Portugal in 1986 with the acquisition of the Fénix Lisboa hotel.

In 1999, the group acquired the Ipanema Porto hotel. In 2001 it also acquired the Tuela Porto and the Tuela Torre hotels. The later was renamed as Fénix Porto.

In 2003, the Fénix Lisboa hotel was remodelled and expanded from 123 to 193 rooms. In the same year, the group acquired the Ipanema Park hotel, becoming the hotel chain with the largest number of rooms in Oporto.

In 2004, all the hotels were grouped in a network philosophy, becoming part of the HF Hotéis Fénix group.

In July 2008, the group opened in Lisbon its first hotel built from the ground, the HF Fénix Garden. In November 2009, the group acquired the HF Fénix Urban hotel, also located near Praça Marquês de Pombal in Lisbon.

In 2015, the second hotel built from the ground of the HF group, the HF Fénix Music, opened its doors. 

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