4 recipes from our Chef so that you can shine at home

Thought for you by Chef Marco Gomes 

Quick, easy and practical recipes to make at home, to take to work or to enjoy at the beach.
Discover the four recipes that our Chef suggests to make your summer more appetising!

4 quick, easy and practical recipes for this summer

Vegetarian cold salad

Cut the asparagus and reserve. Put the cooked rice, the peas, the sunflower seeds, the cherry tomatoes and the papaya cut into cubes together on a container and season with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and salt

Seed bread with Mediterranean flavours

Cut the aubergines lengthwise and open the courgette in half. Then, put the vegetables and the whole pepper in a grid. Roast in the oven, preheated at 180 ºC. Remove the seeds and the skin from the pepper and cut it into chunks

Egg sandwich

Cook the eggs in water, salt, and a few drops of vinegar for about 10-12 minutes and leave to cool. Grate the eggs to a container, add the minced chive, and mix with the mayonnaise. Stir everything and season to your liking.

Strawberry refreshment with ginger and lemon

Wash and cut the strawberries and peel the ginger. Squeeze the lemon and reserve its juice. Put the strawberries, the ginger, the sugar, the lemon juice, the water, and the ice in a blender.

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