7 bars for a night out in Lisbon

Enjoy a night out in the Portuguese capital

Lisbon is light, culture, and bohemia: from neighborhoods to nightclubs, from traditional to trendy, discover what to do at night while you're here.

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Lisbon is one of the most popular European cities at the moment, thanks to its natural beauty, charm, contemporaneity, gastronomy, culture, art and architecture. In addition to all of this is its bohemian, very diverse and tempting lifestyle.

There are plenty of going out options that cater to every taste. The Lisbon night usually starts and ends late, depending on the programme, of course. Some places are open until sunrise, as is the case of some bars and discos.

A programme that is as traditional as it is mandatory, are the evenings of Fado, which means heading to the most traditional and picturesque district - Alfama. On the other hand, Bairro Alto is the oldest and most alternative district, where bars are spread out all over the streets and alleys and where locals and visitors get social with drinks and conversations right outside. In addition to Bairro Alto, there is the liveliness of Cais do Sodré, by the river, which also satisfies every style, providing both quiet and vibrant spots. Here, the streets are always cheerful after the sun sets and it's where you'll find the famous "pink street". Over the past years, it has become essential to visit the alternative Príncipe Real, an area that is livelier and more populated than ever.

Follow our tips and enjoy!

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