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HF Hotels in Lisbon and Porto

Greater cancellation flexibility and safety when you make your reservation with us.
Book your hotel in Lisbon or Porto now, without any concerns. Our current reservation and cancellation policies give you greater cancellation flexibility and safety when you make a reservation with us! Check the available rates and select the one that best suits your needs.

  Flexible rate:

Free cancellation up to 48 hours.

  Hot Deal rate:

Discount for reservations made up to 8 days in advance, with free cancellation up to 8 days prior to check-in.

  Early Booking rate (flexible):

Discount for early booking, with free cancellation up to 30 days (Porto) or 60 days (Lisbon) prior to check-in.

  Payment conditions/Guarantee:

The total amount of the reservation will be charged on the due date of the policy you have chosen.

  Safe payment:

When you book with us, you will receive a payment request, thus avoiding the contact process during check-in at the hotel. You can also choose contactless payment methods during check-in.

  Special conditions for children:

Free accommodation for children up to 2 years old. Check out our services and rooms especially dedicated to you and your family. (+)

Have a safe stay!

We're doing our best to provide you with a safe stay. With this in mind, we have implemented a contingency plan, oriented towards the prevention and mitigation of the risks associated with COVID-19, so that our guests feel protected in our home as if it was their own.
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   Best price guaranteed
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  Greater cancellation flexibility
  Greater room availability
  Exclusive rooms
  24/7 dedicated team, during any moment of your reservation
  Discounts and advantages from HF partners during your stay

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HF Hotels in Porto

HF Ipanema Park

Rua de Serralves, 124
4150-702 Porto

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HF Ipanema Porto

Rua do Campo Alegre, 156/172
4150-169 Porto

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HF Fénix Porto

Rua Gonçalo Sampaio, 282
4150-365 Porto

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HF Tuela Porto

Rua Arq. Marques da Silva, 200
4150-483 Porto

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HF Hotels in Lisbon

HF Fénix Lisboa

Praça Marquês de Pombal, 8
1269-133 Lisboa

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HF Fénix Urban

Av. António Augusto de Aguiar, 14
1050-016 Lisboa

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HF Fénix Music

Rua Joaquim António de Aguiar, 5
1050-010 Lisboa

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HF Fénix Garden

Rua Joaquim António de Aguiar, 3
1050-010 Lisboa

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