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Did you know that our breakfast is comprised of a variety of products that offer you a healthier way of beginning your day?
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Gluten-free products are available on our breakfast! Please ask our staff if you want to have them.

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3 (good) reasons why you should not skip breakfast

Would you like to lose weight?

Recent studies confirm that people who make the morning meal the most complete of the day lost around 8 kg in three months. If you ingest a higher quantity of vitamins and minerals, you tend to look for less food rich in fat and sugar during the rest of the day.

Increase your energy, memory and concentration

A reinforced breakfast gives you energy, which helps our body to be more alert, and nutrients, which improves your concentration and cognitive functions (related to memory, for example).

Be in a good mood

It is proven that hunger can cause mood swings and irritability. Therefore, people who have breakfast tend to be in a better mood, which also reduces the desire to eat in excess during the rest of the day.

6 products you should eat in the morning (and that you will find at any HF restaurant)


Each egg contains around 70 kcal and 6 g of protein. Studies show that the ingestion of food rich in protein at the beginning of the day makes us feel satisfied and prevents our body from feeling the need to search for snacks during the morning.

Fruit (or fruit juice)

Try to combine a variety of fruit to benefit from different nutrients. If you prefer juice, make sure you choose one comprised of 100% fruit. Avoid juices with added sugar.


Although it has a bad reputation, studies show that drinking coffee in moderate amounts (no sugar or cream added) helps to prevent several diseases, such as some types of cancer and diabetes.


Tea contains elements that help you to stay alert and focused. Besides that, black, green or white tea protects our body from some types of cancer, heart problems and diabetes. Avoid adding sugar.

Yoghurt and Cereals

150 g of yoghurt contain the same amount of protein that a piece of meat. Of all yoghurts, Greek yoghurt is the one with more protein. Ingest this product if you have diabetes or if you are following a diet. Avoid yoghurts with fruit since these contain more sugar. Choose cereals that contain at least 5 g of fibre and less than 5 g of sugar. For a complete meal, add skimmed milk and fruit.