15 Interesting facts about Portugal

Learn more about Portugal, Lisbon and Porto

Discover some interesting facts about Portugal and its two main cities before your next trip. From history to culture, gastronomy and so much more.

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Portugal is a country of friendly and welcoming people, a unique gastronomy, attractive weather and an immensely rich history and culture.

Located in southwestern Europe, Portugal is one of the oldest countries in the continent, together with its capital, Lisbon, one of the oldest cities, even older than Rome. Its history is as vast as its culture. You can cover travel its entire geographic territory, from north to south, and be dazzled by the variety of landscapes, people and traditions. In the north, you'll find more mountains, more tradition, colder and windier weather, whereas in the south, you'll find more plains, more contemporaneity, more multiculturalism and warmer weather.

The gastronomy is simple, but delicious and varied - as opposed to what is said, it's not just cod fish. We produce Port wine but we rarely drink it, it's easier to find someone grabbing a beer instead.

Hand in hand with history and tradition, Portugal is ever more contemporary, with Lisbon and Porto on the world's radar of the best cities to visit. Nonetheless, the country has a lot more to offer than just these two tourist attractions.

If you're thinking of travelling to Portugal, discover some interesting facts before you book your trip, or just share them with friends at home once you return.

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