7 luxury shops to go shopping in Porto

Shopping strolls through the city

It's not just on Avenida da Liberdade in Lisbon that you'll find renowned brands. Check out the luxury brands that exist in Porto and book your shopping day.

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If you're visiting Porto and can't resist a good shopping stroll, know that you'll have several options here, from famous shopping centres to El Corte Inglés or the traditional Rua de Santa Catarina. In this article, we highlight the most luxurious brands that you can find (and get lost in) in the charming city of Porto - especially on Avenida da Boavista.

Enjoy the walk through Avenida da Boavista, where you can also find some of the most famous tourist attractions, such as Casa da Música, right at the start, Parque da Cidade or Serralves Foundation, finishing off at the beach, by Castelo do Queijo.

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