Travel itinerary in Portugal: from Lisbon to Porto

Full of history, culture and natural beauty

Fall in love with Portugal's historical, architectural, cultural and gastronomic richness from north to south with this itinerary between Lisbon and Porto.

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"It's not about the destination, it's about the journey", as the saying goes. In this case, both are important, because it's essential that you get the most out of all the historical, architectural, cultural and gastronomic richness of this itinerary, from departure to arrival.

It's quite a quick ride, either by car, by train or by bus. The distance from Lisbon to Porto is about 300 km. Without stopping, it can take up to 3 hours. You have several options: you can rent a car or catch a train or a bus (the bus is the most time-consuming option, but also the cheapest). For the more adventurous, there are carpooling or lift options between both cities. You can also catch a flight, which is the fastest means of transportation and can be very affordable if you find a low-cost flight.

Apart from the technical details, this article explores all the towns and cities you can discover along the way, if you want to take a road trip up the coastline, starting in Lisbon and heading to Porto.

After exploring Lisbon, we suggest three other towns: Cascais, Sintra and Óbidos. The next one is Peniche, a must-visit, especially for surfers.

Further north, you'll find Fátima, one of the most popular religious destinations in the world, as well as Batalha or Leiria. You can stop in Coimbra, the "city of students", or in Aveiro, the "Portuguese Venice". From there, with the Atlantic Ocean by your side for most of your journey, you'll arrive in Porto. Head off to bed and get a good rest, because you have a wonderful city to explore!

Follow our tips and have a nice trip!

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