What to do in Lisbon when travelling with children

Activities and tours with children in Lisbon

Suggestions that please the entire family, from attractions, outdoor activities and tours, to more alternative suggestions for the adventurous ones.

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Lisbon is a great place to travel with kids, because it provides a range of options to entertain them without much worry, from outdoor activities, walks and museums, to the Oceanarium, and some alternative choices too, in case you're looking for a different experience.

Regarding the most touristic tours in Lisbon, it's mandatory that you embark, at least once, on the Tram 28 and go in search of one of the most emblematic Lisbon districts. It's a traditional tour that allows you to rest from all the kids' running around.

If you're up to it, rent a bike, scooter or sitgo, near Tower of Belém, and go for a ride by the river all the way to Cais do Sodré. This is also a different way to explore one of the most interesting attractions in Lisbon.

To entertain and educate, a place that must be on your list is Pavilhão do Conhecimento (Pavilion of Knowledge) - Ciência Viva Centre.  The exhibitions are interactive and stimulate all its visitors in a creative and fun way, while promoting scientific and technological knowledge. Kids generally love it!

On this note, we have to suggest the Zoo, more than a botanical park with a vast collection of animals, it's an educational space that also raises environmental awareness. There is also Lisbon's Oceanarium, a place where children can learn about the importance of ecosystem preservation and where every visitor is amazed by the diversity of marine species.

To complete our list, we suggest two restaurants and an alternative experience for the more adventurous ones. These are our 8 tips, but don't stop exploring here, there is much more to do in Lisbon!

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Enjoy your holidays!

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