What to do near HF Ipanema Park

Discover what to visit nearby the hotel

The HF Ipanema Park hotel, in Porto, is located between the river, the sea and the city centre. Don't get lost and discover what is just around the corner.

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This is the 5-star hotel of the HF Hotels Group and has a perfect location: the intersection between the river, the sea and downtown Porto (the city centre). Enjoying great access points to the main highways, guests can arrive by car and explore the surrounding area on foot, by bicycle, by tram or bus.

Head down to Foz do Douro and enjoy the landscape from Jardim do Calém or climb the Arrábida Bridge arch and admire the privileged view over the river and the city. Amongst gardens and small palaces, you might find the perfect plan to visit Casa Andresen, the Porto Botanical Garden, or even Casa de Allen.

Whatever may be the goal of your visit, don't miss the opportunity to get to know the Serralves Foundation, a household name in the national artistic scene. With its vast and magnetic gardens, we suggest that you book a guided tour so you can see more than meets the eye. Always consult the agenda and activities of the museum so you can optimise your plans.

Don't miss out on our suggestions, save them and make room for them in your Porto travel itinerary. And of course, you can always get the extra help you need at our reception desk!

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