Valentine's Day contest

1. Regulation 

1.1. Expotel, Lda., as the HF Hotels Group, is holding a Valentine's Day contest, which is governed by this regulation.

2. Purpose

2.1. The Valentine's Day contest intends to boost HF Hotels content sharing among its followers, as well as reward that sharing with two prizes.

3. How long will the contest take? 

3.1. This contest will take place from 1 to 16 February 2020, until 11.59 pm - GMT (Portugal time).

4. Who can enter the contest? 

4.1. Every follower of the @HFHotels Instagram account, over 18 years of age, with an active, valid and public Instagram account while the contest is taking place.
4.2. Every participant agrees with the provisions of this regulation by the simple fact of entering the contest.

5. How to enter the contest and which are the rules? 

5.1. Each participant should head over to our Instagram and search for the post with the Valentine's Day contest.
5.2. To enter the contest, each participant must follow these rules:
- Follow the @HFHotels Instagram account;
- Go to the contest's Instagram post and identify/mention the person who you'd like to share the stay with (it is possible to comment as many times as you wish, provided that the identified persons are different in each comment);
- Share the photo you like the most from the post on your stories, during the period mentioned in number 3, identify/mention the @HFHotels and use the hashtag #HFLOVECONTEST;
- Have an active, valid and public Instagram account while the contest is taking place.
5.3. Each participant can enter more than once.
5.4. When entering, participants must comply with all rules mentioned in this regulation.
5.5. Participants accept the disclosure of their name, Instagram profile and entry content by the HF Hotels, through any media.
5.6. No compensations or rewards by the HF Hotels are due to non-winning entries.

6. Disqualification criteria

6.1. Any entry that does not fulfil the rules established by this regulation will be excluded, and the HF Hotels Group reserves the right not to award the prizes mentioned on number 7.
6.2. The following entries will also be excluded without prior notice:
- All entries from brand and/or company accounts;
- All entries from private accounts, given that the HF Hotels will not be able to view the post;
- All entries that contain obscene/abusive/hate language, threats and obscenities. This includes (but is not limited to) personal attacks, deprecating comments regarding race, gender or religion, or any other type of personal acts of revenge against a natural person, business or their associates;
- All entries that HF Hotels consider to be fraudulent (e.g.: use of computer programmes or any other technical tricks - commonly designated as hacking, cheating or similar).

7. Prize

7.1. The prize is a stay of 1 (one) night for two persons with breakfast included, at one of the HF Hotels Group units in Portugal. Each selected winner will be awarded one prize, for a total of two different winners.
7.2. The prizes cannot be exchanged for money.
7.3. Any expense in which the participant incurs due to, or during the enjoyment of the prize, is of his/her exclusive responsibility.

8. Winners 

8.1. When the contest period ends (indicated on number 3), a panel composed of members from the HF Hotels will analyse every entry and it will exclude the entries that do not comply with the requirements established in this regulation.
8.2. Within the valid entries, the winner will be chosen randomly and announced on 18 February 2020, through the identification on the post caption of the Valentine's Day contest on Instagram and also on @HFHotels Instagram stories.
8.3. The winners must contact HF Hotels up to 24 hours after the announcement, by e-mail to marketing@hfhotels.com, to receive the respective prize.
8.4. If any of the winners does not claim the prize or cannot benefit from it, the prize will be awarded to an alternate winner.
8.5. To receive the prize, the winner does not have to buy or pay anything.

9. Use conditions 

9.1. The stay can take place in any of the HF Hotels Group units in Portugal until the end of 2020.
9.2. Dates for a stay during holidays, conferences and other events will be excluded in advance.
9.3. The date of the stay is subject to the hotel's confirmation.
9.4. After the hotel's confirmation, it will not be possible to make any changes to the reservation.

10. Privacy and personal data 

10.1. The personal data provided by the participants will be automatically processed by the HF Hotels under current legislation and its privacy policy, available at https://www.hfhotels.com/general-information/, for the inherent purposes and procedures for entering the Contest and the award and reception of the prize.
10.2. The HF Hotels Group, owned by Expotel - Exploração e Administração Hoteleira, Lda., is the entity responsible for the collection and processing of personal data in the scope of the contests promoted in the HF Hotels Group Instagram account.
10.3. The HF Hotels Group will request your identification data (name) in order to enter the contest, validate the registration, manage the contest and award the prizes. The personal data collected will be integrated in a digital platform from which the HF Hotels Group is responsible, in order to manage and process the contest on grounds of a contractual relationship (managing contest entries and processing prize awards). The data collected will be stored by the HF Hotels Group during the period corresponding to the contest duration, ensuring its integrity and confidentiality.
10.4. The personal data collected will be necessary and mandatory for the admission of participants.
10.5. The data collected and stored by the HF may be transmitted as required by the law, respecting the duty of confidentiality, to administrative or judicial authorities.
10.6. The filling and sending of data electronically are necessary and mandatory to enter the contest, select the winners and award the prizes. If it is not possible to identify a participant through the data provided, contest?s registration and entry will not be valid.
10.7. The necessary and appropriate measures will be ensured in order to guarantee the security and confidentiality of the personal data collected. 10.8. Participants may exercise their rights of access, rectification, restriction, objection, portability or erasure at any moment and free of charge, through the e-mail: dpo@hfhotels.com or by letter to the address Rua de Serralves 124, 4150-702 Porto - Portugal. Moreover, participants have the right to lodge complaints with the Portuguese Data Protection Authority (CNPD, Comissão Nacional de Proteção de Dados).

11. Final considerations 

11.1. The HF Hotels Group reserves the right to change this regulation, without previous notice and with immediate implementation.
11.2. The HF Hotels Group can, at any time, change, suspend or cancel the contest, without any compensation to participants or winners.
11.3. If you have any question or suggestion, please contact us through the email marketing@hfhotels.com.