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Located on the right bank of the Tagus river, near its mouth, Lisbon is one of the oldest cities in the world and the oldest city of Western Europe. The strong presence of the river reflects a white light that is admired by everyone and is known for inspiring writers, poets, photographers and film-makers throughout its the history.
Its historical centre is formed by seven hills, which you can explore by foot, in the tram or in the funicular. One of the advantages of the Portuguese capital is the Mediterranean climate, making it easier and more pleasant to visit during the whole year.
Area - 100.05 Km2
Population - 547.733 (2011)
Municipal Holiday - 13 de Junho (Dia de S. António) 
Foundation - 1147
Gentile - Lisbonense, Alfacinha
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What to do


Young couples



Beautiful City with nice people.

Mature couples
Rio de Janeiro



Lisboa é uma bela cidade, e está melhor ainda do que da última vez que a visitamos. Limpa, com excelente infraestrutura de transportes públicos. Uma capital aconchegante e dinâmica. É um prazer visita-la sempre.




Lisbon is such a cool vibrant city, there is so much to see and do.

Mature couples



Nice restaurants and lovely pastires and breads

Compact City to walk and mooch around with plenty of different aspects to it. Nice restaurants and lovely pastires and breads. Some nice hidden away Restaurants off the main streets. Very reasonable prices everywhere we went. Dont use taxis which are not the black and green ones and ask the price before you get in. Price from Hotel to Airport was 8euros. But when we arrived the price from the airport to the hotel in cream coloured taxi was 18euros

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