6 bars you need to visit in Porto

To relax and cheer up your night

After the sunset, the city changes. Join us and get to know the 6 places we recommend for a night out.

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With exciting nooks and corners, unique landscapes and iconic spots, the greatest city in the north of Portugal enchants tourists and locals as few do. It's the "charm of Porto", filled with history and traditions that will be kept in your box of memories forever.

The night in Porto uncovers a side of the city that is filled with entertainment, music and a cheerful mood. After the sun sets, both in Foz and in the historical area, Porto has so much to offer.

Similarly to the Portuguese capital, tradition has it that a night out starts and ends very late, and the largest offer is concentrated in the historical area. If you show up downtown from midnight onwards, especially if the weather is inviting, you'll find crowded streets filled with entertainment. In this area, it's frequent to find locals and tourists grabbing a drink and chatting on the street. In other areas of the city, the atmosphere is different, but by no means less appealing. It all depends on the type of programme that you're looking for to extend your day around here.

With options for every taste and style, we give you 6 (almost) essential suggestions to visit in Porto, so you can end your day in a memorable way.

Follow our tips and enjoy!

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