One journey,
7305 days


We're celebrating our 20th anniversary.
20 years are 7305 days.

7305 days travelling, crossing paths with guests from all over the world, who remind us of the transformative power of a journey.
While celebrating our 20th anniversary, not only are we contemplating the past, but we're also getting inspired by the infinite potential
of our role in the narrative of countless journeys and travellers.
May our journey never end so we can keep being part of yours.

20 years,
a new look

20 years is a lot, but it's also very little.

On one side, we carry the confidence of 20 years of experience, on the other, the rebelliousness of a young adult that doesn't know much (or pretends not to know). We keep our posture when it's necessary, but we also relax our shoulders whenever we can (and we should).

For us, seriousness goes hand in hand with the levity that this fleeting life deserves. We know more than many, but we're also aware that we have so much more to learn.
We have the invigorating energy of someone who's ready for adventure and to conquer the unknown, based on the wisdom of someone who already knows a lot.
At 20, we're still in good shape, we look good, and the sunspots and expression lines on our skin suit us well. We look in the mirror, we look at you, and we smile like a child, excited to start the day, something we should never lose sight of.
Here's to 20 years and to the cliché "for many more years to come".
Celebrate this anniversary with us in the best way possible: by travelling.

20 years of us

More confident. More relaxed. Getting younger.


20 years of you

And of shared moments.

Thank you

for being part of this story and a special acknowledgement to all our guests
who are present in these photos and who said "yes" to this journey.

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The 20-year

On journeys and travellers.

Travelling is truly transformative.
In any journey, all moments are unrepeatable. We know that.
We know that this journey can be "the" journey, and that we are a very important part of it,
for a simple reason: because it is important to you.
It can be the first journey together.
But also the last.

It can be the reunion after a long period of time apart that has finally come to an end.
Or the first time of a lifetime.

It can be the "yes" to a marriage proposal. But also weekend getaways after a divorce.

It can be the celebration of a new child or when two become three or four or five. We see families being born and growing, and we grow with them.

We set the scene for bachelor/bachelorette parties, but also for many wedding nights.

Business trips. Solo business, in duos or in a group, with prolonged meetings, conferences or congresses for people who express themselves in different languages. And here we are, trying to understand and translate everything.

For low budget journeys and extravagant journeys.
For those who spend everything while they're here and those who'd do everything to return.
And here we are, doing everything not to disappoint you.
Journeys are unrepeatable, but many return here.
Some only come here once, many come here every year. Or when they feel like it.
Journeys of those who started alone and now come with their family.
Journeys of those who started with their family and now come alone.

The married, the divorced, the forever in love.
Those who are single and those who only enjoy solo dates.

Those who practically don't say a word and those who talk too much. And we are here to listen, of course.

Those who have everything planned and those who need us to plan everything. Those who eat at the restaurant and those who order room service.

The ma'am's or the Mr.'s to the Sir's to the how are you's. The neat and the messy (oh well...).

Those who ask for a lot and those who ask for so little and, therefore, deserve everything. Those who need to keep secrets and those who want everyone to know.

There are requests for birthday cards and messages of longing.
From one side of the border to the other side of the ocean, just for you.
We are here for those who want to be here, but aren't.

We deliver cards, messages, lots of kisses and care (sometimes even more).
We deliver flowers and champagne; we sing happy birthday and organise surprises.

We don't say no.


Years ago, it was considered a privilege. Nowadays, anyone can do it .
May our journey never end so we can keep being part of yours.

See you soon.

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