Vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Lisbon and Porto

From traditional to fast food vegetarian

The Portuguese gastronomy is mostly comprised of fish or meat, however, during your travels, you can also indulge in some vegetarian and vegan options.

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Portuguese gastronomy is varied, with delicacies from the north to the south, which reflect the different regional cultures, and it's more frequent to find options in which meat and fish are the stars. However, there has been an increasing number of restaurants presenting vegetarian versions of the most traditional dishes in Portugal, such as the vegetarian francesinha, a typical delicacy from Porto which is originally comprised by different types of meat.

In addition to the vegetarian versions of our cuisine, you'll also be able to enjoy the growing options of vegetarian and vegan restaurants, both in Lisbon and Porto.  Check out the list of restaurants we've selected for you, some of which are very close to our hotels, for your commodity.

Follow our tips and enjoy!

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