The best Portuguese food and the most traditional dishes

A gastronomic journey through Portugal

Turn your trip to Portugal into a gastronomic one. Taste the best food and the most typical dishes while you visit us.

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Portuguese gastronomy is varied, with delicacies from the north to the south, which reflect the different regional cultures, and it's frequent to find options in which meat and fish are the stars. The influence is Atlantic and Mediterranean, as you can see by the amount of fish that is traditionally consumed and by the trilogy of bread, wine and olive oil, that is so well-known. In addition to the culinary diversity from north to south, the same dish can also be prepared differently depending on the region, so pay attention!

You'll find a lot of meat, mainly pork, but also a lot of fish, preferably fresh! Here, soup is one of the healthiest options, and they are as abundant as they are amazing.

Join us on this journey through Portuguese food, full of colours, scents and flavours.

Follow our tips and enjoy!
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